Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Years Eve!

Well, should be out their partying, but decided to write the Blog instead! That dedicated. No, I can't be pulled out of my armchair to be doing the conga or any of those shananigans that go on!!!!
In truth, having 2 little boys means those days are on hold for the time being. We are just lucky to be at home with Harry and Callum, all under one roof!
Well it is the end of 2011 and what a strange year really. Our on/off house move situation was very stressful, within the first 5 months. Having eventually moved, we spent the summer enjoying our new home, but then, the unexpected happened and having had an awful October with Harry being poorly, and feeling like a neurotic mother beside herself, Harry was diagnosed mid November with having Neuroblastoma cancer!
We are coming to terms with this and the months ahead are uncertain, in terms of Harry's treatment plan. All being well if he meets his milestones, his tumour will come out end of Feb, then he will be classified as being in remission, but will then have another 9 months of intensive treatment to blast those final remaining faulty cells. In April he will have stem cell therapy to enable his bone marrow to regrow.
So an intensive year ahead.
I am very aware though that many people have difficult lives and have their own trials and tribulations to manage, so we are not alone.
I have certainly taken my recent experiences to heart and reflected a lot on what has happened. These experiences I feel though tragic, will enhance me as a person and enable me to understand to a degree I never would have anticipated, what the service users I meet and assess in hospital and their families go through. I hope that I can put my experiences into practice and provide an even better service to the people I meet within my job. However, the recent cuts to spending within public services, means that services are diminishing and being able to provide a decent service is going to become ever harder to achieve. Although, the key to getting services is recognising the need of the individual and understanding how crucial a service is to keeping a situation together, assessing the risks and putting a good holistic assessment together! That simple! Well maybe not, but persistance is also key! Passion too, as without that, well there may be no point!!!
Well beginning to warble on!
Well tonight was lovely meeting with friends for tea and watching our children run around and play together as 4 weeks ago, Harry would not leave my lap. However, tonight there was no stopping him having fun with his friends! He said he was worn out on the way home, but hopefully that means a good nights sleep into 2012.
His recent chemo drugs have been making him sick again on a night. In some respects it feels like having a baby again, having one ear out for him waking and saying his tummy hurts, which is our cue for running into his bedroom, turning his feed off and having a bowl ready for him to be sick!!!
However, to have him running around, compared to the sad, lethargic and in pain little boy we had throughout October and into November, is amazing!
We just hope that Harry continues to progress and remains the positive, brave, strong boy that he is. The fact also that we have the support of some lovely friends and good family means that we can provide that loving and secure place for both our boys and that will help us all get through this.
Harry's illness has brought to ahead the fact that our lives need to change. The shift pattern Paul has worked for the last 3 1/2 years, i think it is fair to say has taken its toll on our family life. He works 3 weekends in a row then has 2 off. But for 3 weeks we hardly see him, particularly while I have been working as the boys have been at nursery during the week, when Paul has his days off.
However, credit to Paul that he managed to get 2 job applications completed, one just prior to Harry being admitted to LGI and one completed within that whirlwind first week of Harry having all his tests and anaesthetics and us being delivered the mind blowing information around his diagnosis.
Paul as a result of his efforts had 2 interviews and was offered 2 jobs! He has decided, which one to accept, but the start date may be a few months away. The job still means shifts, but we should see more of him, fingers crossed!
So heres to 2012, new ventures, health, family and friends! x

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  1. Hear hear Sarah! What a year indeed. Well done to Paul - having two jobs to choose between, now that doesn't happen very often. You and Paul have been amazingly strong, keep going, we're right behind you :-)