Saturday, 17 December 2011

17th december

Well Harry woke up another 2 times before midnight and upon waking again just after midnight he was sick. The only thing is the noise woke Callum, so then I spent a good while trying to settle him. Harmony then at least lasted till 6.30am!
As Harry did not need to have an injection in his leg today we were not tied to the house this afternoon. Therefore we went to Huddersfield to see Grandma and Grandad. The boys had a lovely afternoon. We have not been able to visit in weeks so made a nice change. The boys also saw their little friend Olivia again too. Grandma and Grandad had their Christmas decorations up including presents under the tree for Christmas, so that did raise the question of why are they there and who put them there, which led to a series of answers in the form of well Santa is so busy he visited early etc.!!
We bathed the boys there and transition
to their beds at home went surprisingly smoothly. So fingers crossed for a better more settled night!
Harry goes back into hospital tomorrow am, but should be home tuesday. He understands that he has to go back so that is good. Can't believe Christmas is just about upon us. A busy week ahead anyhow and also nearly another year is over!

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