Monday, 19 December 2011

19th december

Just a quick post as writing this on my phone! HArry has had a good day. The transfusion seems to have made him perkier! So that's good. He's been busy on his DS, drawing and making little Lego vehicles! He should finish his chemo around 8pm tomorrow. Can't wait for it to finish as finding Harry being isolated hard as I can't chat to other parents so easily as he can't go in the playroom. This is a shame as there are some familiar faces popping up and by sharing experiences of dealing with a child having cancer makes you realise that I am normal! As sometimes it seems harder than it usually us to carry out mundane tasks and co-ordinate myself into action. One mum said they went to m and s with full intention of buying extra stuff for Christmas but came out empty handed!
Again I found it difficult making the transition from being at home to back in hospital. Once here after an hour or so I settle back in. But they are 2 completely different lives, home And hospital. Also so many of my friends have poorly children and cannot visit, so time goes slow. Plus the time of year, everyone is so busy as they should be. Just feel on the periphery of christmas. There is a lot of peer pressure around Christmas and I think I just wish the whole thing would go away! I will be shot down in flames by many for writing that!
I feel for all those people with no family who are on their own. Some won't mind but others will probably be glad when all the hype is over too!

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