Saturday, 3 December 2011


Harry woke up in a much better frame of mind today. He is still very fragile and clingy to me at times, but at least he was up for visiting the Whartons Christmas fair. We all had a good morning out. Won a couple of things on the tombola, saw some familiar faces and met someone down our road, who I have actually briefly worked with. The small world it is. And even smaller,when considering that Harry and Callum met father Christmas with their friend James. It was James who concluded it was his daddy playing father Christmas, who lives down the road. So we really don't have to visit the north pole to find father christmas. Harry did latch on to the idea that Tom played father christmas and in the end I said that he is a very special friend and father christmas had entrusted him with the special job, since his reindeer was poorly and he could not make it!!!! The kids did not want to be disappointed, and what a fab job he did.
Harry did say that he thought father christmas was larger than he expected! Callum would not sit near him, but was proud of his Christmas mug that he got, so much so he would not let it go and yes it was chipped by the time we got it in the car, but Mr fix it daddy has glued the chipped bit back on, so as good as new!!!
Whilst daddy put more Christmas lights up outside, Harry and Callum played cafes upstairs and mostly got on, which is a relief.
Harry's friend James came round later to play. Harry likes to see his friends, but did seem tired and not his usual sociable self. They played for a bit, but in the end Harry found it too much, so thank you James for coming and it is important Harry sees his friends, he does appreciate it, although cannot tolerate long visits. It did amuse me earlier at the fair when we saw James and we were at the Tombola, James said to his head mistress,  'this is Harry and he has cancer!' Children are so blunt, but with it comes relief as actually they can say so easily what adults struggle to say. Then people know why he has a tube up his nose and why he has his coat on in the middle of a warm hall! Harry really feels the cold at the moment, but he is skin and bone. I looked his statistics up in my red book and his height comes in at the 98th percentile and his weight at the 50th percentile.
So Harry had a rest after James left. We did ask him if he wanted to go to the club to see his friend Isobella from nursery and her family and he really wanted to, so we agreed to go. He did seem tired as we left and I said we could stay at home, but in his mind he really wanted to go. However, once there he just wanted to sit on my lap, which is not my Harry. I admire his spirit cos he does not want to give up and that will see him through this process. We did not stay long and we were soon home and Harry tucked up in bed.
We have skipped through the X factor - not holding too much interest anymore and about to watch the third episode of Life's too short. A Ricky Gervais production. It's quite comical, but Ricky Gervais in a bottle! We are also following Rev, just before this, both on BBC2 and sky plused! The fabulous technological advances! You did not know you would get critical appraisal of programs as well as Harry's progress, in for a penny in for a pound!

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