Monday, 12 December 2011


I can't believe that it is just over 4 weeks since Harry was admitted to LGI. Today he has been on good form and has been in very good spirits. We have had friends round and Harry enjoyed their company. Sarah, from Huddersfield saw Harry just after his operation in LGI and could see how poorly he was then and how far he has come today. To see him jumping around at home was brilliant to see. Lets hope this phase continues for as long as it can.
Harry is enjoying helping me at home and has emptied the dishwasher today, Callum likes to 'help' mummy too, however when I turned my back and left my beautifully fried eggs in the pan, I did not expect moments later to see that Callum had stirred them to mush!!!! Talk about needing eyes in the back of your head!!!!
Callum is getting into the Christmas spirit and singing Jingle Bells though they are the only 2 words of the song he knows!!! Harry likes playing Christmas music on his DVD player and dancing.
I think having seen Harry so poorly and miserable for so long, these moments and days are to be treasured! He has his chemo next Sunday and he has different drugs then, so don't know if they have different side effects, so will see. We will enjoy this week anyhow!

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