Tuesday, 6 December 2011


The nurse was not coming until 11am today to do Harry's injection in hes leg, so I encouraged Harry to visit nursery when we went to drop off Callum. Anna always puts on a fabulous spread of decorations and I knew these would cheer Harry up. He was greeted in the hallway with a lifesize dancing father Christmas. Anna has loads of those snow houses similar to the ones Harry admired at the garden centre. So he enjoyed seeing those and said hello to the staff and his friends, but it was a lot for him and not normal, since he is usually participating and not the visitor. He could have stayed, but he did not want to. Last night after his bath he said I want to be better and I want to go to nursery, but as he is at the moment he does not feel up to attending. I was glad he visited as it is perhaps a step closer to him spending an hour there. I think I keep forgetting that it is only 3 half weeks since we have been caught up in this whirlwind as it seems like months and we are all adjusting to our new lives and routines.
When the nurse left, we wanted to go into Otley and i did not think that Harrry would not want to come, but he did and so Grandma, Grandad, Paul and I went into Otley. Harry did not want to walk far and so sat in the pram. He was pleased to be out and about. We suggested going to Weatherspoons for lunch and initially he did not want to go, so we left the idea for a bit and eventually said shall we just look at the menu. He agreed and we did all have a meal. Harry would not eat his pasta and at one point I did think he was going to vomit! But he didn't. He did keep complaining of a tummy ache too and although he found it a lot the fact we went out for a meal was nice.
Harry then at home helped me wrap some Christmas presents and practiced his writing skills through writing some of the labels. He got excited about wrapping a couple of presents for daddy and I thought he was going to tell daddy but only in a giddy way said, 'we have a surprise for you daddy'.
We put Harry on his feed for the first time during the day today as he has not eaten much in the last 48 hours. However I am not sure if it was too much or the fact that periodically he has complained of his tummy aching today, but whilst Paul had colleagues from work round Harry vomitted, again!!!  Not pleasant, but he did seem to feel better for it and seemed in better spirits at the end of the day!
Maybe we can take him to ilkley tomorrow to get some new shoes as he is long overdue his feet being measured.
I am aware that we need to make the most of tomorrow as he will be back in for chemo on Thursday, then for the early part of next week I guess he will be very groggy again. Not sure if we have a pattern yet or not, so time will tell.

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