Friday, 23 December 2011


Harry has had a really good couple of days. Yesterday we had Natalie and Michael to play in the morning and then met them and Sophie and Adam up at Tumble Town  a play centre in the afternoon. Harry was on fine form and loved racing around in the coupe cars and going down the slide. It was really good that he could play with his friends.
Today Harry had to be at LGi for 7.30am. So Grandma and Grandad came over to stay to take Callum to Nursery for his last day before his weeks Christmas break.
Harry had a bone marrow biopsy. This is a mid way test within his chemotherapy treatment plan. The test will either see if the cancer is there or not. In some cases the cancer has gone at this stage, so we hope and pray Harry's has, but if not he has another 4 doses of chemo prior to a retest. He has his ultrasound on 6th Jan to see if the tumour has decreased in size too.
Hary had to fast for the biopsy and it was hard telling him this morning that he could not eat or drink anything, however, he went into theatre at 9am, which was good, so not long before he could eat again. I felt quite emotional, as the last time he had his bone marrow biopsy he was so poorly. This time he was able to walk down to the theatre and afterwards, instead of lying very wearily in bed, he was sat on a nurses lap, having a story read to him, when we were able to go and see him in the recovery room.
The difference in him is amazing and this afternoon he has been able to play, I thought he would have been shattered after playing yesterday and from the anaesthetic this am. He did sleep in the car on the way home, but he has managed very well.
So we await the results of the biopsy, which with the bank holidays may take longer and not ready till Jan. However, Harry is amazingly on form, he does get weary and emotional at times. However, 2 weeks ago I would never have thought he could be so well, so the chemo is certainly doing something good.
I do feel a bit like I am holding my breath, as he could dip and have an infection at any time, as any kid can, but then Harry will have to have IV antibiotics and be in hospital for 5 days.
We did see a dentist in hospital for Harry today, and we learn about more possible side affects from the chemo and that is that it can affect the growth of his adult teeth, but we will deal with that if and when that happens! Along with all the other possible side effects!
Anyhow, for now Harry is really good, so we will enjoy it.!

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