Wednesday, 21 December 2011

21st dec

Not long till Christmas. Feel much less bar humbug about it all now Harry is home and he has had a good day today. I popped into my work today and took Harry. Callum was in nursery. Harry enjoyed the visit to  my work and all the attention, he was running around, but after about an hour was ready to go and zonked out in the car! We went to his nursery's Christmas party, which he mainly enjoyed, he felt overwhelmed at times, but stayed to see Santa - again and get a present. It was Callum who was the nightmare at the party and threw an almighty tantrum!!! My parents took him home, and I thought it was Harry whom I would be taking home early!
So a good day and may they continue through Christmas. My parents bless them have been organised and bought all the food for the festive period, saving me the agony of queueing up in the supermarket!!!! So thank you!

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