Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Harry's pirate ball

Nuzzlets farm April 2015

May 2015

Wow, the days are tumbling forward as we approach mid way through 2015. 
We spent Harry's anniversary in Filey, away in our caravan, the sun shone and the weather replicated that of our Candlelighters holiday in June 2013. It felt like harry was with us, dancing in the sky and skipping over the waves. Callum loved being by the seaside. He made a friend almost immediately and they got on so well, biking round the campsite together. It was a shame our paths only crossed for 24 hours. I thought Callum would have made other friends, but the other children had siblings to play with, which is always more intimidating to launch in and express a wish to play with them, particularly when Callum is only 5. I have to say, we enjoyed being away, but seeing other siblings play togetger pulls at our heart strings and highlights our loss. Both sets of grandparents joined us and Callum also spent a day with James, his school friend and also Harry's dear friend too, which was lovely company. 

Coming home was hard, to a house that has so many memories, pictures etc. I have to say I found the day we came home and the day after harder than Harry's anniversary. However, routine soon resumes and leaves little time for pondering, plus last minute preparations were in full swing for Harry's pirate ball. This was held on April 25 th. It was a fantastic night, really lovely. It has been commented on that the atmosphere was so friendly,  like a wedding. That was because everyone who came,  did so in memory of Harrry. There were people from different areas of our life and friends of friends too.

We raised £5938, which has been split equally between Candlelighters and Nuzzlets farm. We are so very grateful to all those that sponsored our event; gave donations; raffle prizes;  helped with the planning and of course attended;  bought the raffle tickets and made the night a great success. 

We had some left over chocolate coins, which were sold at The Whartons school, where Callum attends. £37 was raised from the sale of the coins, which will go towards adopting some animals at Nuzzlets farm for a year! The children are very excited about getting updates on the animals, once they have decided which ones to adopt! It costs £10 to adopt an animal for a year, so with some money added from the school, it is hoped each year can adopt an animal, which would be wonderful! 

The Rotary club in the yorkshire district have agreed to support Candlelighters as one of their charities and this will be launched under the umbrella of 'Harry's legacy'. It has been accepted faster than we thought and now we need to compile some PowerPoint presentations to engage the Rotarians in the work of Candlelighters and how they supported us as a family and how they continue to support us with the opening of their new support centre - the square! Exciting times ahead!

I will leave you with some photos!