Sunday, 4 December 2011


We seem to be getting into a routine with the nurse visiting in the morning to do Harry's injection. We then went to church. Harry found it quite overwhelming and does not seem to like crowds of people any more. He would not leave me and clung to me, which is not like Harry, who used to race around the church with one or another of his friends. He was shouting that he wanted to go back to granny and grandads house, but as they were there this would not happen for a while, therefore we sneaked off into the backroom with James and Jenny, and soon several of the other children followed, so much so we had quite a crowd and with Tom setting up a tunnel with chairs it was obviously more interesting where we were - sorry Graeme!!! At least Harry was able to meet up with familiar faces he has not seen in some weeks and we did not have to retreat home. 
We had a lovely lunch at granny and grandad's they made a Sunday roast. However, Harry is obsessed with pasts at the mo and decided this was much preferable to him than roast potatoes, roast pork etc. Well more for us I thought, so he had pasta in a tomatoe sauce. They say the chemo will change his taste buds and for the moment the fact he wants to eat something is good.
Daddy and I took Callum for a walk whilst Harry had time at Granny and Grandads and he found every single puddle going becoming soaked into the bargain! He then went home with daddy and I went back to get Harry, he was turning grumpy and was complaining of pain. However, perked up on the decision to do painting and covered his hands and arms in green paint in the process. It took 2 washes including a bath to get rid of most of the green!.
Just before bath time, daddy has done a grade 3 on Harry's hair as his hair has just started to fall out a little and well he was beginning to look like a 'woolly boy'. We discussed with Harry how his hair is falling out and he became upset about this. We have had several previous discussions, but he does not seem to want to retain information about what is wrong with him or how it'll affect him. No problem, just his way of dealing with it. Anyhow, we made him feel special about his new hair do and took some pictures.
I have to admit that it does make me upset about him losing his hair and it'll be his eyebrows and eyelashes too thus affecting his identity, but as long as we can keep that cheeky smile going, we will know it is our Harry!

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