Monday, 19 December 2011

19th December continued!

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Just felt like I should put the bar humbug feelings in context! I met with the social worker and consultant today. Basically my thoughts of trying to fit our centre parcs holiday in between treatments in feb is naive. The full course of chemo treatment will make him feel lethargic and if well that is a bonus. The effects of the radiotherapy following will likely be with him for months so November is more realistic for a holiday. We may be able to fit something in between but it will prob be last minute. So feel our lives are on hold for months. In the grand scheme of our life these months are a fraction, however right now I will be honest and admit that yes I am jealous of those around me having get togethers with friends and family, planning holidays and outings etc. I do not begrudge anyone doing this and would always want friends and family to have fun etc but jealous yes a bit! Ok a lot!!!

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