Friday, 16 December 2011


Well tried to get out this morning with the boys, to feed the ducks by the river in Otley. However, it was the shortest trip ever! Partly due a typical tantrumous 2 year old, made more tantramous with chicken pox and a grumpy Harry! They seemed to love the idea at home, but once there they fought over who was carrying the bread. Then Callum would not walk, then Harry became wingy. Finally at the ducks, Harry was terrified that the pigeons were round his ankles and Callum just wanted to eat the bread! The trip was aborted after ten minutes!!!!
Once home, calm did not seem to restore itself and the trip to the dentist to have my filling suddenly seemed more favourable than staying at home!!!!!!
After my filling at the dentist I squeezed in some Christmas shopping, which included getting some goodies from Waitrose, with an alcoholic item (not to divulge as that would spoil the surprise). Now I was pushing it time wise as needed to get back home, so dashed round and having queued was horrified to be asked for ID for the alcolic item. I guess I should have been flattered, but I did feel the women needed her eyes testing, at 35 I know I can pass for a little younger, but come on not under 18!!!! I did not have ID on me and the thought of having to revisit the store to buy the item another day, nearer Christmas, probably with the kids and larger queues, well the thought nearly reduced me to tears!! My numbed mouth did not help, as I could hardly get my words out. Anyway, the woman got a supervisor after a wait and he took one look at me and passed my as being over 18!!! As said she needed her eyes testing!!
However, the day was redeemed by our Christmas party this afternoon. We do a secret santa between the children of my 5 friends from baby group and our eleven children. We have previously met at Playdays, but this year as when organised Harry was not wanting to go and be in crowds of people, it seemed a good idea to do our own thing so went to High Royds social club, where there is a really big room and Heather who runs it will provide a tea at a small cost. So with some toys that we brought up, a litle bouncy castle that we have and some music, the do got going. Steph had prepared some chocolate lollies for the children to decorate and Ayshea had got Christmas decorations for them to decorate too. So all very Kirsty Allsop.
The children seemed to enjoy themselves, so hyped up and fed, bed time loomed thankfully!
Bedtime went pretty smoothly, thankfully as Paul is on his Christmas do tonight, so set off early, before they were in bed.
So far Harry has woken up once, but fingers crossed for a good night of sleep!

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