Friday, 2 December 2011


Harry has had another day of being under the weather. The nurse came this morning to do his daily leg injection to boost his platelets and she also took some bloods as I wondered if Harry's blood count was down, making him feel tired. We were waiting for the call really to say that he needed to return to LGI for a blood transfusion as even the nurse thought he looked particularly pail. Callum was in nursery today, so at least we did not have to factor him into our plan initially. We knew the results would take a few hours to come through, so after lunch grasped an hour where Harry perked up a little and took daddy to see the Christmas lights at the garden center. We also bought some more lights to go outside to get into the festive spirit and daddy has been laying them outside ready for the grand turn on! Harry had a couple of reasonable hours playing cars with his friend Adam and we enjoyed the buns he and his mummy made. However, we did not hear from the hospital, so assumed all ok or at least results could wait till tomorrow, so thought we had escaped a return to LGI today, however on coming back from picking Callum up from Nursery, Harry seemed in pain and was a grumpy. tired chap. So we got him straight upstairs to put him to bed on our return, but it was not to be as he vomitted and his NG tube came out of his mouth, but not his nose, so we could not have held it in. Paul rang LGI and on their advice had to pull the tube out of his nose. I keep saying we will be nurses in our next careers when pay freezes and vacancy controls on jobs lifted!!!!
So we did not escape a trip back to LGI, as hoped, as we had to get Harry's NG tube re-fitted. This is quite traumatic and I must admit I did not relish taking Harry and tears were rolling down my cheeks as we prepared to take Harry. Callum was still asleep in the car, so on reciept of our phone call Granny and Grandad immediately came to our rescue to put Callum to bed for us. Thank you! This ment we could both take Harry and support each other. I am sure it will get easier and in actual fact the nurse who completed the task is known as the queen of NG tubes and re-fitted it very swiftly, much quicker than my experience on Sunday. Making the painful job, easier to bear.
The nursing team for children do not unfortunately offer a 24 hour service, so this means between 5pm and 8.30am we have to go to LGI for any medical support needed.
It makes me realize that it is good to have Harry at home, but it is very much compromised, by the fact that, we will have trips back and forth to LGI. However, it is better to have Harry at home as at least he is now in his own bed and Callum although put to bed by my parents will have his mummy and daddy in the morning. The Hospital did say that it is likley for Harry to spike a temperature this weekend, just on their experience of the timings of when people react to the effects of chemo treatment. So we will see and as said before tomorrow is another day!!!!!

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