Sunday, 1 January 2012


Well a new year!!! What that exactly means I am not always sure, as you feel the same as the day before. A bit like a birthday! You don't change overnight, nor do circumstances, but I guess it is the chance to put events behind you and focus on a blank canvas!
For us Paul has a new job to look forward to, an area he has tried twice before to get into, so it goes to show that persistance and increased experience helps seal what you want in the end!!!
For Harry, he needs to keep his battle up against cancer, so that he can start school in september with the best part of his treatment over and done with, so that he can learn and become whatever he wants to be - a builder at the moment!!!
For Callum, he will make the transition from 2 - 3 later in the year and these are very important developmental months as his speech will come on in leaps and bounds and he will become potty trained!!!! A giant leap and a money saver in nappies!!! Perhaps we will leave that till Spring though!
For me, I want to get back to work in some shape or form and hope my meeting with health and wellbeing later this month will enable me to have the flexibility I need and the technological support in terms of  a lap top or ability to work from home in parts, we will see what can be achieved!
As said before hope and positivity are all important for us in 2012.

Harry did sleep really well last night and wasn't sick, so fingers crossed for tonight.
We have enjoyed catching up with some friends over the last few days and having some normality. It has been the first chance in ages to see people. Our friends from Scotland popped in for lunch on Sat, and this is the first meal I have cooked for friends in a while. The thought of doing this up until now has been too much, as Harry would not let me get on with anything, without being stuck to me like glue and he was too weak to stand up at the cooker with me. So the leap he has made over the last 3 weeks has been remarkable!
We have some other friends from Scotland visiting mid week and Harry will be able to enjoy their company and play lego with Adam!
Harry can get fragile and demanding at times. He does expect us to jump to what he wants when he wants it. I think this stems from him being in hospital and having either myself or Paul to himself and having that undivided attention. When in hospital their is no cleaning, cooking or Callum to attend to, so a morning can be devoted to entertaining Harry, but when at home, obviously the situation is different and all the other factors of home life come into play. We are trying hard to keep Harry grounded and understand that life does not always revolve round him. At age 4, I guess it is hard for him to understand this, but what we do want is to keep Harry aware of others and to share and be a person people want to be around!
Harry did touch me when on the way to Paul's parents the other day in the car, he noticed that I was wearing the earings he bought me for Christmas. He was really excited to see me wearing them and also said, 'mummy you are beautiful.' He will often come out with such statements like, that's a really nice top you are wearing or you look lovely today! I keep telling him that comments like this will win him all the ladies over!!!!

Since Harry's diagnosis I have also become aware of how many charities there are involved with Cancer. At LGI there are play staff funded by Candlelighters. These staff are really friendly people and make a huge difference to the experience that each child has whilst in hospital. They make an effort to talk to each child and find out their interests and entice them into play, so as to help them on their journey of recovery. When Harry has had his periods of isolation, they make sure that each child has some individual time from them, when they cannot not access the playroom. During his stays Harry has been painting, made a short film, done pottery, played on a Wii, DS, playstation, glued and stuck to make a stained glass window or Christmas decorations, so the experience of hospital is not all bad! Some of Paul's colleagues raised money for some toys for the playroom, which was fantastic. Thank you.
I would also like to thank Paul's colleagues for raising some money to buy our boys some toys too, which they will get hours of pleasure playing with. I love playmobil too, so I will also enjoy playing with them - a big kid at heart!!!!

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