Saturday, 10 December 2011


I am writing this on my phone so it'll be short! I don't have access to a computer. Harry hasnearly completed his 3rd chemo session and can home tonight at 8pm instead of tomorrow. That's great, but we have had to work out the logistics of childcare for callum as everything was in place for Harry to come home tomorrow as previously expected discharge to be. Also the nurse has to be arranged to give Harry his injection at home tomorrow too. Anyhow all sorted and Granny and Grandad are coming to our rescue again and the ward shall have a much needed free bed!
I went on my works Christmas do last night and had a lovely time. Grandma and grandad looked after Callum and put him to bed whilst daddy stayed over in hospital. I felt a little like Cinderella in that she shall go to the ball! My work paid for the remainder of my meal having just paid the deposit and chose my food. Good choices too! Thank you. It was good to catch up with the people that went.
Now I am back at the hospital and Paul has gone to collect Callum from granny granddads. My plan was to bring Callum here to see Harry but he has been in a foul mood this am and having some almighty tantrums. I think he does not if he is coming or going. I walked him from home from town to see if he would fall asleep in the pram, but alas he nearly tipped the pram over bu leaning out of one side. I stopped at the river so he could see the ducks and he seem to calm down. Then we started walking home again. Anyway to cut a long story short he decided to walk via Granny and Granddads as that is the way he insisted on going and thus we turned up there and he soon settled down. We bumped into them I'm town and then that was it all he wanted to do was go to Granny's house. He obviously feels very safe and secure there which I'd great! Just glad Granny and Granddad don't seem to mind.

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