Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Harry is becoming really interested in learning what is wrong with him, which is really good. We tried to explain to him in hospital, but he became so withdrawn, that he would not engage with us. That was his way of coping at the time. He had been given this duck called chemo duck, which has lines coming out of it for the medicines to be put down, but in hospital he did not like it and I had to hide it in a draw. However, I put it on his bed at home and the last 2 nights he has been paying a lot of attention to it, he has been playing with it and connecting a syringe to it, copying what is done to him. We Have also read the Lucy has a Tumour book last night and again tonight. In hospital we only half got through it, before he lost interest. So that is great that he is understanding why he is taking medicines, to shrink his tumour and get rid of the cancer in his bones and bone marrow, so hopefully he can have his tumour out in Feb, then have radiotherapy. It really helps that he undrestands why he is going through the treatment that he is.
Harry was sick again in the night, but at least his NG tube stayed in, it was just a full bed change!! I thought Callum may have woke up with the commotion, but thankfully he slept through! Harry despite being sick has had a great day and was able to go to Granny and Grandad's, whilst me and Paul had to pop into our respective workplaces. Callum went to nursery.
Harry even walked around town with Granny and Grandad and had energy left to be playing hide and seek at home. So it is fantastic to see the old Harry back, with his sense of humour and sense of fun. It seems that the chemo is working, He is not on pain relief medication at the moment, just anti sickness drugs, so that is great.
I went into work, for the first time, since I went sick just prior to Harry being diagnosed and it was lovely to see everybody. I had a chat to my manager and feel much better about my work situation. I also got a lovely hamper, so thank you, lots of nice goodies.
I had, had a brief look at benefits if I can't work and although should be aware due to the field I work in but was astounded to see that Carer's allowance is a pitiful £55 a week. Carers are so underpaid, as without them the state would be up the Kyber without a paddle!!!! I know that there can be other benefits added on, but that depends on a lot of other factors, but hopefully I can work in some shape or form and not have to claim!
I also managed a mammoth shop at Aldi, nearly bought the shop up! I also held the job up by bagging stuff up as it was going through, otherwise I was not sure it would have all fit back into the trolley!!!!! Usually you are expected to throw it in your trolley and bag it after to speed the job up, but the amount I spent, I thought what the hell! Prob only chance of shopping prior to Christmas without the kids. Was a bit like on supermarket sweep, however no bonuses or Dale Winton - sadly!
Well, its official, Callum has chicken pox!!! Prob why he did not settle well last night, not the wind as thought, but cos he was under the weather! I phoned the hospital to let them know, as it is drummed into you to alert them when Harry comes into contact with anyone with chicken pox, but they did seem bothered and felt that if his bloods showed that he had immunity 2 weeks ago he'll be ok. There was me thinking we would have to rush him down to LGI for a blood test to determine his immunity, then await results to see if he needs an injection to boost his immunity. But they were blase` about it. So whatever, at least told them.
It is pobably better Callum gets chicken pox now anyway, rather then next Spring, when Harry had stem cell therapy and immune system wiped out! Just hope Callum is not too miserable over the next couple of days! Dosed him up on calpol and piriton and put eurax on spots, so fingers crossed he sleeps ok! So far so good!

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