Tuesday, 6 December 2011


It was snowing when we set off this morning. Both boys were very excited. However, being adults we were worried it would cause havoc with our journey to LGI. We dropped Callum off at Kate's to play with Finlay for the morning until Grandma and Grandad arrived, as Paul and I were taking Harry for a kidney test in the outpatients clinic. Our first visit there, but first of many I am sure. Therefore it was good to have Paul there too, to see what the crack is.
The jouorney was ok and with Paul knowing the arera, knew which short cuts to take us on trying to avoid all the traffic! Harry was given a bed for the day. He had to have radioactive dye put in him for the test, then wait and have bloods done at intervals. I'm not really sure exactly what they were testing for, but the results partly determine how much chemo he should have on Thurs.
Inbetween the blood tests, Harry could have gone out of the hospital, however he was not keen and seeing as it was very cold it seemed pointless to push him to go out. So Paul and I took it in turns to pop out, which ment a stress free hour without dragging a child out who really did not want to go.
I met Steph for lunch which was really nice, some normality.
I think we have to lower our expectations with regarding what we class is a good day from what we did a couple of months ago. We used to be such an active family and would always be outside whenever we could, just going for walks, or to farms, or Harry on his bike. However, Harry is very reluctant to leave the house now and it takes a lot of encouragment. He has lost confidence, which is expected and likes the comfort and security of his own home. Only a couple of months ago, the thought of spending a whole day in the house would be unheard of.
We got home about 4pm and Grandma and Grandad were here with Callum. Harry was not in the best of moods, I think because he had been in hospital and because he was in pain today. He was therefore very clingy to me for the first hour or so of arriving home and because Callum had not seen me all day he too wanted my attentions. Sometimes Harry's clingyness reminds me of having a new born baby again, whereby you have this bundle that wants to be held all the time and cries when put down, however Harry is a rather large bundle now! But I do feel claustraphobic at times by Harry's wish for only my comfort and I think that is partly because he had become an independent boy, who did not like cuddles that much and would play and be busy without someone being with him alll the time.
As said Harry seemed in pain today and tea was quite fraught as I made pasta especially for him and everyone was telling him to eat it, but he did not want to touch it. Considering he ate laods yesterday, I did not think it was because he was being awkward and he then vomitted in the middle of tea, which just proved that he was not feeling well today!! Therefore not the time to be having dinner parties!!!
Hopefully he will feel better and we can go out for a little bit on Tuesday even if its just into Otley for some fresh air.

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