Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday 22nd jan

Well Harry came home late thurs eve. I completed 2 days of training for work. The training was useful, but following the last 2 hours about the actual new way of working, think feel like a rabbit in headlights!
Whilst on the Friday training course, it was evident how I could not escape Harry stuff even there, as I had a message on my phone to ring ward 76, so did so at lunch time to be told there was medication that needed picking up. This was news as thought he'd come home equipped the night before. After speaking to Paul we pieced together that his bloods were taken again after he had his blood transfusion, but as the results were not through till Friday am it was not evident till then that he needed magnesium to increase these levels.
Anyhow, Paul was able to dash down to LGI to pick this up.
However, when about to administer his injection that eve, Harry's insuflon, like a cannula came out when he took his trousers down, therefore that ment Paul taking Harry to LGI for a second trip to get this replaced. We also realised that for a 3rd time the drug chart was missing, that's important if a nurse was to administer his injection, so Paul got a copy if this too. At least we have a car, no idea what people do without one!
The other thing Paul was discussing with the nurses on Friday was how we want to go to Scotland in feb to stay with friends and could the retests be avoided on 2 particular days, probably not is the reply and also a big query about whether we should be going so far afield with Harry. Paul had said we've done research and there is an oncology unit near to where we will be staying, but this did not satisfy them and they think harry will be poorly after his next chemo, well if he is then so be it, but currently he is fit enough to travel. So I will speak to our McMillan nurse on Monday. We were even told that our consultant may forbid us to go. We will see, anyone would think we were going to the swamps in the rain forest!
So after the intensive training course and Paul taking Harry to LGI twice a glass of wine was much needed to wind down Friday eve.
Sat was good and both boys went to a party at whacky warehouse-a soft play place and they loved it. Harry was tearing around like any other boy, though did have a couple of big bruises on his hips where he had gone on the slide. This made me wary wondering if Harry's blood count is still low as bruising is an indication. Plus the negativity of the medics, made me think maybe he is not going to bounce back so much after this last lot of chemo. We feel paranoid now!
Will prob ask community nurses to test his bloods mid week just to see.
Harry has enjoyed seeing friends today and had a good run around Otley park.
He behaviour does seem to get more erratic and he just crumbles at the slightest thing at times. But he is still able to enjoy going out and about.

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