Thursday, 26 January 2012

26.1.12 - more

I don't know why this mornings post came up as saying it was written yesterday!
Writing more as in hospital with Harry! He was in good spirits when I arrived at 4.30pm, we have started to build his Lego robot that the play team have given him and then he watched Charlotte's Webb before zonking out asleep! He is sneezing loads and has been sick 4 x today, so not a good day. His temperature has currently gone back up to 39.4 C. He's had the max calpol for today, so hope his temp does come down.
He is on antibiotics, has had a platelet transfusion and a blood transfusion, so a cocktail really.
Harry's HB counts are very low and he is neutropenic, which means he does not have many white blood cells to fight off infection at the moment. This is a side effect of his chemo drugs. His neutropenic score is very low, 0.03! His HB was 5.6 so accounts for how poorly he currently is. So praying this is a little blip and he is back on track with his final chemo of this leg ASAP!
There was no room on ward 76 so we ate on ward 51, children's medical ward. We are in fact in the exact room we started out in on 11.11.11, when the words cancer were first uttered to us! Being in the same room brings back how I felt those first couple of days of diagnosis and though only 2 1/2 months ago, seems like a lifetime ago!
Well, I left Callum with grandma and grandad this afternoon, whilst me and Paul swapped nursing duties! My mum had her knee replacement op. Today and I believe doing well!
Callum is so funny at times, he was determined to have a piece of bread even though frozen, he would not be told, so I thougt 'whatever' so my son proceeded to eat a frozen slice of bread! A while ago in the supermarket he insisted on having a frozen potatoe smiley face and ate the whole thing! Such determination! He'd be good on I'm a celebrity get me out if here, just needs to become a celebrity first, though the caliber of celebrities these days it won't take much!

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