Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13th Jan: Whitby

Well, I have been passed as able to administer Harry's GCSF injection into his insuflon, similar to a canula in his thigh. Therefore, with Paul off work today and the forecast being good, we decided for the first time since Harry was diagnosed in Novemember to take a trip further than an hour away from home or LGI. We told the boys that we would take a trip to the seaside and they were so giddy, which made us giddy and it was so lovely to feel the freedom of having a normal day out!
We arrived at lunch time and decided to go straight to a simple, but good fish and chip restaurant near the railway station. I was just sitting back feeling really pleased at how civilsed the meal had been and how well both boys had eaten, particularly Harry. However, these thoughts were put on hold as Harry started to vomit into Paul's hands and his empty plate, at first it was just his juice making a return journey, so I thought that's ok NG still in place, but his fish and chips also made a return journey, the fish obviously determined to make it back to sea, however, it was these lumps that made his NG tube come out of his tummy and hang out of his mouth in the middle of this restaurant like a 'lizards tongue!' yes NICE!
So, there was no discreet about it, the tube had to come out and with that out ,Harry had a few tears. I think we could all have had a few tears, however it was not the moment for that!
At least we had finished our meal and having cleaned up and all gone to the toilet we left. The staff were really lovely about it. Again we caused a public spectacle, but hey ho! Last time it was Callum having a tantrum in Boots the chemist!
We decided to carry on with our day and either later see if Whitby had the facilities to replace the NG or a trip to LGI would round the day off.
So with the giddy excitement having returned, we headed for the sea front and stopped at the arcades on the way, to fritter some 2ps away on the slot machines. The boys enjoy this and winning a few pennies adds to the excitement, however, 2ps is as far as it goes!
We headed to see the sea, however, the day had turned, what had happened to that sunshine promised on the BBC website forecast, and with the change a little drizzle!!! Well we headed to the whale bone arch at the cliff tops side of Whitby. I was determined to get a photo of our family, but the wind was in Harry's face and Callum is just so against having his photo taken, that it was not to be a family photo! At the top I played chase with Callum for a bit, but we then acknowledged that actually it really was too windy and cold to walk along the front and headed into town.
We found out that Whitby only had a minor injuries unit and did not have the experience to re fit an NG tube, so LGI it had to be. So straight down the A64 we went, it was 4pm when we left Whitby, but luckily we were heading against the traffic flow and by 5.45pm we were sitting on the sofa on ward 76! Not bad really!
Harry had his tube refitted, with some screams, which Paul could hear down the corridor, but nothing like on previous occasions!
So we were home for 7pm ish. So could have been worse!
I had only been saying to a friend yesterday how well we were doing with the NG tube and when Harry was last in hospital we were actually discussing when the NG tube needed to be changed and a discussion was had on whether it could be changed when he has one of his anaesthetics for all his retests in Feb. C'est La Vie - too much planning ahead.
I had not twigged it was Friday the 13th until this eve! However, I don't really believe in superstition. Harry has had a good run with the NG tube, it just had to come out on the only family day out since we went to Blackpool for the day on Nov 6th just after Callum's birthday. However, the difference in Harry's physical ability now is amazing due to his chemo treatment. Then he was in a pushchair and could hardly walk and I remember one man saying as we passed that he should be walking. If I could find that man now and tell him my son has cancer. Though really he could see Callum aged 2 was walking, so a silly thing to say. That comment made me think how judgemental we can ALL be, including myself, as behind every person and every situation there is a story, but most people do not want to hear the story, but just make comments!
I know my mum will hate me for mentioning this, but it seems like her cartilidge in her knee has gone and is in great pain when walking and awaiting a doctors appointment. Her knees are a long standing issue, though thought reasonable mended following operations about 30 years ago and years of physiotherapy etc. This is a huge blow to my mum, whom has been a godsend to us all in helping with childcare with the boys as is my dad and the adoration is in equal amounts between Granny and Grandad and the boys! So we can only pray that this can be sorted and Granny can be up to the boys fast pace ASAP.

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