Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Well Harry was due back in hospital for his hearing test and kidney test today.
Since chemotherapy can have affects on hearing, his is checked at regular intervals. The result was that chemotherapy has not had any affect on his hearing. It tends to be the higher sounds that are affected. Harry does in fact have a slight issue with low sounds, which was detected on his hearing test at the start of treatment. Slightly worse in his left ear. This is no doubt due to having several perforated ear drums as a baby due to acute ear infections. This is only a slight problem, so no cause for concerns. Some children do show signs of hearing impairment from chemo treatment at this stage, so we are glad that Harry remains ok.
He has had a kidney test too, to ensure these are functioning ok. We await the results of bloods taken at 2 intervals. His kidneys can also be affected by chemotherapy treatment. He seems ok from our point of view so fingers crossed.
We saw the consultant, but she does not have the bone marrow test results, so that is somewhat dissapointing. But we will be telephoned with the result if they have it later this week. Its all the bank holidays, as nice as they are, they hold up the process!!!!
However, she gave more information with regards the tumour. Now Paul has gone off with the actual sizes, but it goes as near to this:
On the initial ultrasound and scan results it showed the tumour being 6 x 8 x 12 cm so about 600cubic cms!
Now it is about 4 x 4 x 8 cm so just over 100 cubic cms! Each figure was point something - but near enough.
Also part of the tumour has calcified, has become like white powder! So parts are dead. So chemo can be compared to Narnia, where the white witch turns people to stone!!! However, this is good magic!
So this is fantastic, however, the consultant never to be over optimistic as despite this great piece of information, the cancer has to go from the bones, prior to the tumour being able to be removed. If it is not gone from the bones, then more chemo is needed. It can be the case that it is still there at this stage, but gone early Feb when the 80 day retests go on.
So we hold our breath for a bit longer, for the great news, or if it is not as we want at this stage the courage to stay postive as the journey has only just begun and there is more chemo for Harry to have before any decisions are made, with regards the tumour coming out or not!
All we know is that Harry is well at this stage so the chemo is doing its job and with regards the tumour decreasing in size we have some proof now too!

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