Wednesday, 25 January 2012

26.1.12 such is life

Well Harry has had energy this week, but at times been very emotional and fragile, thus this is our signal that he is becoming anaemic and may need a blood transfusion. So I arrange with the ward that his bloods will be done the day before his chemo is due, so we have a clear picture of what his bloods are prior to chemo commencing. See getting the ward organised! However, events have overtaken us and Harry has spiked a temperature during the night, I rang the ward when it was going up and reached 39.1 C. They gave me the ok to give him calpol, so Paul has taken Harry down to LGI to get him assessed, but the likelyhood is that he will need IV antibiotics, which may delay his last chemotherapy treatment.
The way he was this morning was just like he was prior to commencing chemo, he could hardly walk and moaned and groaned, so likely got a virus or infection, though this time we know he has cancer already, so that's the primary illenss!!!!! Rather than being told he solely has a virus!
I had a lovely kiddifree day yesterday. I visited Craiglands Hotel in Ilkley with a friend and looked at their venue with regards a charity black tie do and have provisionally booked Friday 6th July. Yes Ilkley may not be the ideal location for those from further afield, but they had the dates I wanted, are very friendly and committed to putting on a good do, plus have some good easy to look at packages to choose between! So watch this space for further details. What we would like is a disco/band, or maybe a good Elvis impersonator, whom will charge very little, so more money can go to charity, Candlelighters will definately be one charity we choose. So if anyone knows of anyone available on the above date, do let me know. The music entertainment has to have public liability insurance and be PAK tested - that's have their electrical equipment tested within the last year to have it passed as being safe. So that may mean some entertainers are out. Though don't know how much this costs to get as may be some scope in being able to contribute to this cost, but would need to discuss. My email is
So we await the hospital's asssessment with regards how long Harry will be in hospital.
My mum has her knee replacement operation today, so she will be in hospital too this weekend, but in Harrogate! So we will be praying that mum's op is a success and she will be chasing the boys again soon enough!
Harry has done very well to avoid an ingfection till now. He has had a cold since before Christmas, which he just can't shift. He was complaining of a sore throat last night, so not surprised he has spiked a temperature, there are so many colds and studd going around at the mo.
I spoke to our McMilllan nurse this week and she semed positive about us going to Scotland in Feb and connecting us with services up there. So we will see, we just need Harry to be back on form now!

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