Friday, 27 January 2012

Friday 27.1.12 day 70 of chemo treatment!

So we finally made it back onto ward 76 late afternoon! Pleased as no disrespect to ward 51, but they can't do much without the say so from 76 and thus causes such delays in everything as everyone short staffed! So as I say back! Harry is in isolation again! A room to ourselves though and since the playroom is closed on a weekend, does not matter too much. Maybe he'll be out of isolation come Monday! He is definately here till Tuesday as his IV antibiotics take him till then. We will see what his bloods are like then! I now know what the importance if taking bloods are and what they can tell from them! Harry's HB has gone up to acceptable levels but he remains neutropenic and possible will now for a while, so we may be advised to keep Harry out of nursery for he will be very susceptible to infection, whilst his levels remain so low. Just as he went to nursery by himself wednesday for a bit before Granny joined him!
His temperature is still variable and his magnesium levels lower than they would like, so much so the doctors were deliberating as to whether to commence his chemo, but they have now! It's taken 24 hours nearly for agreement to be made on whether to double his magnesium medication dose, but that has now been finally agreed too. So we are rocking and rolling again!
Just need Paul's job sorted as his start date of 6th of feb, yes a week away and a new shift pattern, may be delayed due to the staffing levels on his current team! We are of course not expected to have a life and a complicated one at that at the moment! So no idea what Paul will be working from 6th feb or where!
Mum is doing well and has stood on her new kneecap today and has sticks to progress to walking with. The physics are really pleased with her, so that's fantastic!

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