Monday, 9 January 2012


Harry arrived home at 6.30pm from
His 6th chemo treatment. He had had his first platelet transfusion today, which are taken again from donars, whom we are immensely grateful for. Harry has been in good spirits. He had grandma and Grandad visit today and me and Paul
Swapped over, so I could go home and look after Callum. Our friend had taken Callum with Finlay to an indoor play place whilst we swapped over. Callum
Enjoyed his outing out.
He was very pleased to see Harry when he was home and he very appropriately says I love you Harry or I love you mummy which is lovely!
Despite it not being 'normal' spending so much time with Harry whilst he us in hospital, I think it has made a very close bond between him and me and his dad and himself. It is so lovely to hear from Harry saying in the middle of the night when up with him to hear him say unptompted 'I love you mummy!'. We are a very loving family but it is good to hear all the same!
Well all 4 of us are back under one roof and that is good. Harry is back in hospital 17th jan.

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