Tuesday, 22 November 2011

November 22 2011 continued

On 12.11.11 following the 2 ultrasounds I was in away relieved to know that I was no fussy mother, who was out of her mind with worry re: the fact that Harry was not getting better. People had told me that viruses can take a couple of months to get over, but I think in the back of my mind I knew something more was up. I remember discussing the extreme night sweats Harry was having with Paul (husband) and commenting that that was what a friend of ours had prior to being diagnosed with cancer. However, the consultants do not save you from any punches and on that Sat eve, by myself, was told that my son had a tumour on his tummy, which was almost certainly cancerous and very likley to have secondaries. hey went into detail how life changing this would all be for us and treatment wouold go on for some months blah blah. I felt numb and could not believe it. The idea of our family being split, pulled and sent through one of the most stressful periods of our lives was hard to get my head around. I thought moving house had been stressful, the agonsising months of are we moving are we not, the fact the first house sale fell through last Christmas, then in Jan resold, but it was not until May 26th the sale went through. well that would be nothing in comparison and that process nearly blew our minds, the co-ordinations, the packing etc.
However, I am very pleased to have moved as I feel the support just around the corner from us is going to be a godsend. plus my parents live at the bottom of the hill. Had our house move been successful, prior to last Christmas we would be living in Ilkley and my lovely support network of friends and family in Otley not so easily accessible. Therefore I do feel that processes happen for a reason, though would never in a million years have thought that cancer was so close on the horizon for my fit, healthy, happy, intelligent boy HARRY aged 4.
Harry was also devastated at not going to school in Sept. Being a September baby he just missed out on going to school and many of his friends from baby group and nursery have made that transition already. However, as things work out it has been the best thing that school is still several months away, thus he can nearly be at the end of his treatment when he begins school.

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