Tuesday, 22 November 2011

22.11.11 events

Well today started with Harry doing a poo! Yippee, he has been so constipated. However, this was not an easy task. the ward is so short staffed. he wanted to use the toilet. Good I thought, that will get him up and walking. Well, all the pipes coming out of him and the trolley they hang on had been underestimated by me! I got him up and walking, but how he or I did not trip over the wires I am not sure. having arrived at the toilet in one piece, I had to get a cardboard bowl for Harry to poo in, so they can be examined, so propping Harry up, I go and get this. Anyhow a successful trip!
Harry also decided to go on the little car again round the corridors, with me chasing him with his trolley of drips! He tired easily though and retired to bed with the notion of finishing his chocoloate buttons he started 2 days ago only to be told no! he was not able to have food until the scan 4 hours later was complete. As has happened on the several occasions this last week when denied food he starts an obsession and will chant to anyone who will listen that he wants chocolate buttons! The sedation had not entirely worked when first put under the scanner this pm and the chant for chocolate buttons continued as the capsule tightened around him. A tear trickled down my face, but when I truly thought about it would a 4 year old feel claustraphobic - i am not so sure they would have such feelings, plus his chants were of a dreamy type, then he fell well and truly asleep so that was a relief.
Anyhow with scan completed he had his chocolate bottons, plus half a bar of chocolate and half his tea. The most eaten in days. With a smiley Harry I was able to leave him confident that he was progressing, to come home and spend some time with my lovely beautiful Callum, whom is learning new words by the day. Stop it was the phrase of the night!!!!

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  1. Hooray for bowel movements and dreams of chocolate buttons! - it's always the simplest things that make us smile Sarah. Glad yesterday was a good day. Thinking of you as always :-)