Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Well I missed yesterdays blog as was too busy cleaning the house and washing, shopping etc. getting the house ready for Harry to come home tonight. Although having cleaned the floor yesterterday, Callum was busy smearing it with yoghurt this am! I have had 2 nights at home and did not come to the hospital yesterday, but I gather from Paul and my parents, that Harry had another good day yesterday.
Today Harry is grumpy and tired. Though not surprising as the amount of rehydration fluid he has to have with his chemo, ment he was having to wee every hour for the last 2 nights!
Harry does not seem convinced that he is coming home tonight. I have explained that he has to come back next week on Monday for the day for kidney tests and then next Thurs to stay. That is assuming he is fit and well in between, fingers crossed! I need to pack all his stuff up and it seems a lot despite having sent dad with 4 bags already!
Thank you to everybody who has given Harry presents over the last couple of weeks and cards too. He loves geting cards! In fact we must remember to take his cards off the wall!
The last two and a half weeks, seem to have been months, as so much has happened and so much to get our heads round. We are getting there. I am sure home will present us with a new set of trials and tribulations as we manage the feeds down the NG, manage his medications, monitor him and of course be parents to Callum too. I know Callum will be so excited to see his brother and has missed him lots.
Its 4pm and Harry has just fallen asleep. The nurse has just come and taken Harry's temperature, I held my breath as she did this just in case it was up and Harry cannot go home, but it was fine, so breathed again! Don't think I will believe that eh is home again until I see him in his bed tonight. I just hope he settles back into being at home quickly.
We certainly want to regroup as a family and see friends. Harry will love seeing his friends again, but we will have to gauge how he is each day as he will have good and bad days, but then don't we all!!
I can give Harry his advent calendar tomorrow. He has a lego one, so each day he'll get a piece of lego and callum has a big colourful one. So looking forward to that. Maybe we will start Christmas early and get a tree up! I feel like we need to grasp each good day, as you never know when an infection may present itself and that could be in the middle of Christmas, though we pray not! The first Christmas in our new home, it should be one to be marked!
Well better get packing!

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