Sunday, 27 November 2011


I was going to start by saying I had a normal Sunday morning by going to church. But really I guess it wasn't. Partly because Harry was not with me and Callum, but mainly because I usually blurr into insignificance in church and am so busy enetertaining the boys that the only people I really talk to are the other mums, not because I am rude or don't want to get to know other people, but that is how it often pans out.
Well today was different, because the church are praying for Harry and my dad said a piece with regards Harry's progress and so everyone was aware of who I am now! It was lovely though to know that so many people are encouraging Harry to respond to his treatment and be back in church ASAP. I did wonder if I would feel mobbed, but I didn't and only felt the warmth of everyone's wishes for our family to get through this.
I then had sunday lunch with mum, dad and Callum. Callum has been up and down today and partly due to being that tantrumous age of 2, but it felt more than that. I could feel his anguish really at not knowing where he stood in relation to who is looking after him next. All Paul and I and my parents can do is try and help him feel as loved and secure as possible.
I brought Callum into hospital this afternoon and he walked like a trupper from the car park all the way to his ward with his little ruck sack on and clutching a glitter glue picture for Harry's wall. He was really pleased to see Harry, however at first Harry did not seem too impressed to see Callum as that ment sharing his toys and the attentions of visitors, Vanessa and Marie from work. However, once they both got on the cars and were driving around the bay, both were full of giggles and were getting on well.
That is until, Harry was sick and his NG tube came out. It was also time for Callum to go home. So dad packed things up and after lots of cuddles, dad and Callum went home. I find this so hard as Callum was wanting mummy to go home too. I always feel sad for a little while when our family is divided into two again, however, have to get on with it for the sake of Harry. He did fall asleep exhausted, shortly after everyone had gone home, probably leaving me with that time to think!
However after an hour of being asleep a doctor came in, not to prod Harry but to let him send 2 pods down the system. He woke up and was excited to do this. Earlier, when I was at home Harry was intrigued by the pod system and one was sent down with a note for Harry. So he helped the doctor get the pods ready and sent 2 up the shoot and saw 1 arrive. The small things, but they make such a difference and Harry was bright again. For anyone who has been to EUREKA! I am sure they have a demonstration of the pod system - it is very clever.
We took one of his cars back to the 'car park' and we needed to wipe it down as all toys have to before another child uses it to prevent the spread of germs and infections. Harry took this task very seriously and spent 30 mins wiping this car down, the wheels the undercariage, not a spot was missed. He has clearly spent far too much time watching his dad clean cars!!! However, I know who to ask in the future to clean my car and I am sure this will be a future pocket money spinner. Although perhaps not if he spends that much time doing the job!!!!
The awful bit today was having to have Harry sit on my lap whilst the NG tube was fitted again. It took 2 attempts and Harry was screaming. He also had a bad nose bleed in the process. I can not imagine what this is like for him. He is a very brave litle boy, though really has no choice.
Harry got some more cards today. He loved the card from Sam his friend at church and would not let me put it up on the wall cos he wanted to keep looking at it. He loved the rocket drawn inside and the little man in it too! He also liked his card from Everyone at Sunday school and this went to bed with him!!!
Harry has been a very lucky boy today as the people I work with have bought Harry a nintendo DS. Daddy has taken this home to work out how to use it before showing Harry tomorrow. The question is will he get it back or will Daddy keep saying he is learning how to use it - wink wink.

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