Monday, 28 November 2011


Harry has had his best day in weeks today. He was riding on his car this am in his bay with me following him with his trolley of fluids. Then i asked if Harry could be unplugged for a while so I could take him out of the hospital to get some fresh air. They agreed to unplugg him at lunch time and with a lot of hestitation about going out we (me, Grandma and Grandad Buckley) managed to get him to look around the German market. He really enjoyed this and had a ride on a caroursel, of course he chose the motorbike ride! He then was mesmerised by watching the big kids on the dodgems and I think could have watched them in envy all day! We looked round a few stalls and his Grandma bought him a racing car. We went back to the hospital, but as he had missed lunch he ate half his grandads fish and chips, so that was good. When weighed today he has actually put on a little weight so that is great. He also has not been sick today either, but he has been disconnected from the feed that goes down his NG for a while. The dietician thinks a break from the feed daily may help reduce him being sick.
This afternoon my friend Katie from work visited and we did glueing and sticking in the playroom. Katie helped him make a stained glass window with tissue paper!
He was still not tired when his dad arrived and was playing with his new racing car. After tea, we spoke to the consultant and he is pleased with Harry's progress and although we have no scans of proof that the chemo is shrinking his tumour, the fact that he has been so well and pain free today illustrates that he has responded to the first blast of chemo. He was in such a state just over a week ago and the difference today is 110% Proving that medicine can be amazing!
We discussed how poorly Harry had been just after his biopsy and the consultant said if chemo had not started he would have been in trouble. He did not expand on this nor does he need to, but with the experts involved Harry has had a sharp turn around, long may it last and fingers crossed he will get home wed or thurs.
He is commencing his second chemo blast today, so will be hooked up to tubes for another 48 hours. I hope he is good spirits tomorrow too.

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