Saturday, 26 November 2011


Well Harry has had a happy day. He really enjoyed having El, Jenny, Michael and James to visit this am. He enjoyed still being isolated as he had the whole bay to play on the cars and even had a petrol station in the room. He had both El and Jenny chasing him with his trolley of feed and fluids. He tires easily though and enjoyed doing painting and colouring with his friends, before retiring to his bed to watch a postman pat DVD. His Granny and Grandad came this afternoon and played with him whilst mummy and daddy went out for lunch. He loved the new game sent in by Terri - thank you!
We found a quiet pub to have lunch so we could catch up, the first time in what seems like an age. We talked lots about Harry, about the road ahead, the need to cancel our centre parcs holiday, but have no idea when would be possible be an ideal time to rearrange the dates to. For those that know us we always like to know that there is some kind of break on the horizon, where we get together as a family and have quality time together. This has always been important to us and with Paul's busy work schedule and me working too, it has always set aside time for the 4 of us to do something, without cars, DIY etc getting in the way. Well I think the best idea is to get past Christmas and Harry's 80 day scan and book last minute in a window of opportunity and hope Paul can get the time off work.
Hope I think is going to be the word for 2012.
It was good to go for a meal, but having craved over the last months (even before Harry was poorly) time out the thing I think we both wanted to do was to have a saturday back, where we would go to High Royds Social Club with the boys and friends, then retire to watch the X Factor with a glass of wine. Probably because that would be normality. The things we all do and take for granted.
We did go for a walk and was in the thick of Christmas shoppers and felt like we were standing still with everyone else buzzing around us with a purpose. That's because everyone was busy into Christmas and we are not sure of what to plan. Harry should be at home and fingers crossed he will be, but we have to be aware that at the drop of a hat he could get an infection and be back in hospital. Therefore I think Christmas will be low key and easily changeable. As it does not really matter which day it is celebrated on and Callum will adjust to whatever!!! The joys of being 2!
I think I seem to feel like a led balloon alot and despite not really physically doing much, the emotional rollercoaster that we are on is very, very draining.
I am so pleased that Harry has had all his initial tests though and we can concentrate on his chemo treatment and trying to get the level of feeds right for him as he does still keep being sick. He is also losing weight. I do though feel in incredibly good hands with the team at the hospital and trust them implicitly with advising on the right course of action for Harry.
Harry had the results of his poo specimen today and it confirmed that he did not have a bug or virus, which is good. The downside is that immediately another baby was moved into his bay. He was sad about this as he did not want to share his space, as there would not be room to play. But on telling him that as he was not isolated anymore he could go on his car down the corridor he brightened up, but daddy's face dropped, knowing he would be in tow with his trolley!!!! That is as mummy was getting to go home!
Callum has had a lovely day with friends, Sarah, Richard and their liitle girl Olivia. Even Uncle Conrad popped over to say hello. Callum was full of it when I came home and his new haircut looks fab on him! a very smart little boy. Callum enjoyed reading a new book sent by friends Laura and Jim I think, about a bear and a bear star just before bed. I don't want to speak too soon as in usually these cases trouble starts, but Callum seems really settled on a night and therefore any changes to a bed will be halted as long as possible! The thought of Callum getting out of bed by himself does not bear thinking about at the mo!!!!!

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