Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thursday 29.3.12 eve or results

Well it seems an age since my last blogg and I definately managed to leave last week behind. We did not get to the park last thurs, as we did not get home untill 4pm. It was a mistake returning home for the night as Harry did not want to return for his bone marrow test on Friday. I had to wake hime up and leave the house for 7.30am. It seemed a good idea returning home, when we thought discharge was going to happen in the morning, however restrospectively it wasn't as we got home in the afternoon! The bone marrow test finished me off for the week. It wasn't untill 11am, usually it is first thing. Having settled Harry into a music session in the playroom, he was promptly told his time had come for the bone marrow. I had to carry him/ dragg him to the theatre for his anaesthetic, which was done with gas. This event has not previously been a problem. However, I think Harry had just had enough. And so this time I did leave the theatre with tears rolling down my cheeks. I went for a short walk to pull myself together before returning to meet Harry in recovery 20 mins later, where he was just as distraught as he was when I left him. Well we got home for 3ish having picked up some pizzas in Sainsbury's on the way home and somehow spending £70 as you do when you only want pizzas!
We popped into some friends late afternnoon and Harry seemed to perk up a bit thankfully!
I have to admit all the emotions of the week had built up by Friday eve and I balled my eyes out!! However you will be pleased to know that things progressed and Harry has been amazingly well.
As said previously we have had a week without tests or planned hospital appointments and so we had a window to get out of Yorkshire and yes we seized it, a little unsure how Harry would fare, but the best tonic ever. Normality at last! We headed on Sunday to our friends who live in Stewarton, between Prestwick and Glasgow. A fabulous location and great hospitality. Our McMillan nurse had faxed a letter to the Yorkhill oncology unit near Glasgow, so they knew we were in the area in case it was needed. Our consultant was agreeable to us going too and knows the consultants there.
As it happens we did not actually need this facility as Harry has been on top form. The weather has been fabulous too. Callum and Harry could play outside with Adam on the Sunday when we arrived. Then on the Monday we went to Ayr and both boys played on the beach and even went into the water, which was so calm and has a very gentle gradient. A very safe beach and very Sandy. There is a great enclosed playground opposte too. It was a great feeling holding both Harry's and Callum's hand and paddling in the water with them, a far cry from the previous weeks events.
We have a friend, Jim, whom works in the air traffic control tower at Prestwick so daddy and Harry visited him there on Tuesday. Harry got to put headphones on and hear the aircraft talk to the controllers and saw a military aircraft take off! I took Callum back to Ayr whilst we waited for daddy and Harry, since I thought Callum was too young to go in the Tower and there was a great risk of him pressing every button going and causing a mid air collision. Callum and I had a lovely morning on the beach again. Callum stripped off and had great fun making sand castles and then knocking them over! We all met up and had fish and chips for lunch and sat outside this cafe. Who'd have thought we would have been blessed with such weather in March! We even had a BBQ that eve!
It was great to see Harry play with Adam aged 6 and Callum joined in too. On Wednesday they helped wash Max the dog outside with Ben, they loved this. Callum absolutely loves water, hence when given a hose he shreiked with delight, however would not wash Max and decided spraying everyone was a better game and shrieked even louder when the hose was taken off him!
However, partners in crime Adam and Callum managed to reconnect the hose later when nobody was looking and sprayed anyone going outside and consequently held us captive indoors until Suzanne outwitted them by sneaking up from behind and turned the water off!!! Boy did they all get told off as water got into the house! However, it was a great team effort!
Callum made us laugh too, when he put Adam's police helmet on that had a visor, he would lift it up over his eyes and shout, 'its only me!' As of course we had really thought that a policeman had enetered the building! It reminded me of an 'Allo Allo 'sketch from years ago when I think Michelle says to Renee 'it is me Michelle' prior to an embracement. Ok, I am showing my age now!
So all in all a good break and Harry really came out of himself and had fun, as did Callum. The only thing is Harry's appetite is still minimal, but to have him laughing and running about was just great. It just shows how normality and not treating harry any different gives him the response that he should just go and play and that is what kids do best!
We managed a few drinks out with friends Tina and Graeme on the Wednesday, whom moved that way last Oct, so we caught up with a few people.
So back to the title of this page, the eve of results. We know from last Friday that Harry's bones are clear of cancer, so it is just his bone marrow that needs to be clear to move on with his treatment. I know to face another 6 weeks of chemo will send us back into the depths of worry again, so we pray that we can move on and his bone marrow is clear! So home, and back to reality and that knawing feeling at the heart that had faded for a few days is back with intensity.
Everything crossed!

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