Thursday, 1 March 2012


The beginning of a new month today and the sun shone!!!!!!What a beautiful Spring day. And yes Harry is out of hospital. He came home last night.
So determined to make the most of today, whilst the sun shone and Harry was well, Harry, Callum and I (daddy had to work), went to Harewood House. We had a lovely time. Harry got a little weary walking up the steep slopes and Callum whom is usually adverse to sitting in the pushair (but is used more of a cart these days), decided he wanted to sit in it, as did Harry and so there was some fighting as to whom needed it the most! However, we enjoyed the trip and lunch in the Courtyard, which with the blue sky above, always gives the feeling of being abroad!
Both boys had a big sleep in the car and Harry had enough energy to meet his friends in the park this afternoon. Being out in the open always reduces the risk of catching colds and infections, so a good place to meet. It felt like the good old days when we would meet and the kids played. Lovely. You never know when Harry will be hospitalised again, or when he will feel unwell, so these days have to be seized. It is a good while since we have been able to have such a day.
There was an air of excitement too as our Summer Charity Ball planning has gathered momentum and we will have posters and tickets available for sale from tomorrow! My friends (Ayshea, Jenny, Claire, El and Steph) and myself have all worked hard to make this event happen! A little uncertain in the beginning, especially when we needed to club together to put down the £500 deposit needed, without knowing if the event would be a success, but a leap of faith I feel my friends have made to support my eagernees to go forth and put a ball on! As I am such a planner it has given me lots to think about other than Harry at times! So all we need you guys to do is purchase the tickets and we will do the rest!!

Please open the link below to get details of the event!



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