Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday 9th match.

Well Harry is back in LGI for the weekend. We are infection and green snot free so that's good, but have to share a bay and so I fear a good night sleep will not be so. Never mind, I'm swapping with Paul tomorrow so should just be one night each, then home!
Harry said last night that he wanted to go on a train, so I said ok we'll go for a trip to Saltaire once Callum is at nursery.
So we went from menston and had to change at Shipley, which added to the excitement of the short trip. In all a 20 min train journey and the bonus of learning Harry is free to travel on trains till age 5, meant £2.90 got us to Saltaire!
Harry was very excited. The train station is next to the canal, river and park. We had a lovely potter about for an hour or so before returning home to have lunch with daddy before embarking on Harry's weekend in LGI!
Having felt to be in a better place this week, probably as come to terms with Harry needing extra chemo and also being in the middle of treatment, therefore not a lot we can do. However, we have Harry's next test dates and they are week commencing 19th march. So we may or may not have the results by the end of the week. I keep telling myself to accept that Harry will need 6 weeks more treatment, however in reality this is more difficult and I know I will be disappointed if Harry does need more chemo.
This chemo has led to Harry losing his eyelashes and eyebrows though he has kept some tufts on his head!
So the new chemo is doing something, we just hope it is blasting the cancer in his bone marrow. No, obliterating it. Perhaps we need the darlicts back to exterminate it!!


  1. Sarah - I follow your blog all the time and feel deeply for you, your family and of course for Harry. Do you have a registered charity? I know of several people who are currently looking for a charity to donate to and I mentioned you. Do you have something specific to Harry or is it through candlelighters

  2. Hi
    Thank you for asking. The neuroblastoma society is a registered charity and one that pays for research into Neuroblastoma. That us the cancer Harry has. It needs loads more research undertaken to get to the core of how thd disease operates and how to cure it.

  3. Had problems getting the reply to work! But other charities are
    Candlelighters, Macmillan, CLIC Sargent. All help Harry in different ways.
    Any help towards theses greatly appreciated. I guess the Neuroblastoma Society is less well know and would benefit greatly from others doing

  4. Internet connection not good, so screen keeps freezing. But yes Neuroblastoma society is a good one fit people to donate too.
    Thank you.
    By the way, it says anonymous, just wondered who left the message!