Friday, 30 March 2012

Results day again!

Well we met Harry's consultant this morning and we have received the news that Harry's bone narrow is clear! I cannot begin to describe how relieved we are and emotions are running high, but this time following good news!
The journey can recommence as I feel we have had to stop at a service station for the past 6 weeks whilst awaiting car maintenance so to speak and you know service stations are not the best places to be for long!
We can continue on our journey and there will still be ups and downs, but at least we are moving forward again!
The next goal is that Harry's stem cells are stimulated enough for them to be harvested. So again it's about the scores on the doors reaching the relevant numbers! They ate harvested 18 th April I think. Then if that goes well Harry is booked in for surgery on 24 th April!
So cooking on full gas again.
Thanks everyone for all your thoughts and prayers.

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