Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thurs 26 th april

Well Harry was sitting up at 10 am interested in Lego! He was very subdued and in pain when he coughed, but considering the extent of his operation yesterday he was making remarkable progress. He has remained on an epidural for pain relief and this has kept him comfortable. I left Harry at 10.30am with granny and grandad and daddy came on this afternoon. He was asleep exhausted from a data entertainment of puzzles, making cardboard cars, reading stories etc that he was asleep when I arrived back on the ward this evening. I went home to attend a rotary club meeting at lunch time with my friend. The purpose was to give a presentation on the work of Candlelighters and CLIC Sargent, both children's charities that have supported Harry. It went well and with the support of my friend El operating the computer for the power point presentation I feel everybody is more aware of the work of the above charities. We also got a donation and hopefully some raffle prizes for the ball in July, so a good day for everyone! With regards the ball I think about 4 weeks ago all tickets were reserved! I know some people are still interested in tickets. I am meeting with my friends next week to see who we have the money off and if there are any spare spaces. We are amazed at the response and if we could get a bigger room then we would, but we can't. A lot if people in Itley who know Harry are supporting this event. So thank you. Though for those reading this and who know they have a definate reserved ticket, please we need your money by 30 th April so we can see if there are any spare tickets left.


  1. Apologies again for predictive text Itley should be Otley. The format of this blog has changed and editing it on my iPhone seems a no go area. I will look at it when I am on a proper computer!

  2. We would like to come to the ball but cant unfortunately. Do you have a specific account for Harrys donations or specific charities?
    Thanks - amazing blog, amazing child

    1. Thank you. The charities are Candlelighters and clic Sargent. We do have a specific account set up to handle the ball money to keep an audit trail. When I am on a proper computer though I will link up my friend's donate web page for the same charities to the blog for a sponsored swim she is doing in aid of harry, then any donations can be gift aided which adds 25% to the donation. I am on my I phone now and in hospital!