Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tuesday 1.5.2012

Well the months are rolling by. Can't quite believe it is May. In some ways I hate time passing by so quickly, but in out situation I can't wait to progress past Harry's stem cell transplant stage and then hopefully have some time at home again and even a little holiday before the commencement of school.
Harry was discharged home monday afternoon. The surgeon is really pleased with his progress and it is good to be home. Harry has had a really big operation and home is a better environment for him to recover in. The ward was so noisy with cyring babies, children and beeping machines that it was like spending all day and night next to the checkout of Sainsbury's!!!!! Harry did not sleep well and so being at home and getting some peace and quiet can only be good. Plus we are at home and reunited again!
The ward was an experience in itself though and it was acutely obvious that many people face situations that they don't expect to arise and cope as best that they can. There were a few dads staying over with their children and in one instance this was because the mother had abandoned her son at only a few months of age. So it can be seen that we live in a modern era, whereby dads take their roles very seriously!!! Usually trying to hold down jobs too, to keep the family income ticking over.
So here we are, as said another hurdle is over. The past week has not been as bad as I had anticipated. Harry's operation went as well as it possible could have done. His recovery has been remarkable and he seems to have exceeded the medics expectations for getting back on his feet!
Harry needs further recuperation,  but it is hard to get Harry to rest and keep  still. He had a couple of his friends to play this afternoon, as he was desparate to have someone over to play.
However, I think the fact that Harry won't rest easily has led him to be sick twice today. He was fine after each episode. I think it is his bowels and intestine still recovering from being moved around. His appetite is very poor, but hopefully time will improve that. He woke a few times last night, but I think it was because he has been used to sleeping next to me or his dad the past few days. At 5.20am he did eventually come into our bed!!!
We go to clinic again on Friday so Harry's progress can be reviewed and hopefully we will have a date for the next stage of treatment.

I am going to put a link here to a site my friend Kate Barraclough has set up. She is doing a sponsored swim and the charities she has chosen to support are Candlelighters and CLIC Sargent. It is a Virgin money giving site and so any donations made can be gift aided if you pay tax, increasing each donation by 25%. It is also not for profit too, so all of the donation will be split 50/50 between the above children's cancer charities. Some people have asked about how to make donations, if perhaps they cannot make the ball and so it seems apt to put this link on and silly to make another page as all the money goes to the same charities.


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