Tuesday, 24 April 2012

23.4.12 eve of Harry's operation

Well are on the surgical ward at LGI. The oncology ward feels along way away and the familiarity and comfort is missed! The surgical ward should be for short stays only. It is sprawling and no separation between bats, so very noisy! My complaints of noise on the oncology unit are nothing in comparison. Harry has only just gone to sleep and it is 11pm! So Harry is to go to theatre between 8 and 9 am. The operation will bd about 8 hours. Due to thd tumour being attached to other organs the operation is complex. There are many complications that could occur due to where the tumour is. The intestines could be damaged, his kidney could be damaged. People can live with 1 kidney,but in Harry's case he is much better with 2 functioning kidneys due to the toxins that the high dose chemo will present. 1 kidney could struggle to eliminate the toxins. There are other complications, but the surgeon is hopeful there will be none. Prayers please to ensure that tomorrows journey is as smooth and bump free as possible! Due to the tumour being attached to organs about 95 % of the tumour is likely to bd removed. Hence thd need for radiotherapy later. To ensure any if the tumour left is zapped. Thd high dose chemo in a few weeks is to zap any remaining cells in thd bond marrow and bones. He has to have this operation, bug it is still hard seeing Harry run around today full of energy. However, without this operation his energy would not last. Therefore there is no decision to bd made about the op. that's the easy bit. Roll on next week when we are home again and Harry is in the recovery stage!

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