Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tumour removal day!

Well today has been much anticipated. At times during Harry's bolt on chemo program we wondered if he would never make this stage. We dared not at times look too much into the future treatment programme that lies ahead for Harry. However, here we are! Harry is now officially in remission!! The day commenced being rudely awoken at 6 am as medicine had spilt on his sheats and these needed to be changed. His NG tube has 2 access points and pressure had built up making one access cap explode off! He awoke in good spirits and could not wait to go and play in the playroom. I had explained to Harry the plan for today and he understood. He likes to look at the photos I have on my phone and scrolled through until he reached the first one. A picture of Harry with stitches all across his tummy following his biopsy in November. He asked if this was going to be him again in the eve I.e with the stitches. I said yes and with this confirmation he left it at that and went and played in the playroom when it opened! At 8.45 he ran to the theatre. He happily read a book sat on my lap and I told him the liquid was going into him and he would be asleep in seconds, which he was. I laid him carefully on the bed and kissed him before leaving theatre confident that he was in safe hands and the best would be done. Having had a surreal day, a bit if shopping, Paul and I went for lunch. None of it felt quite right though and although the waiting wasn't as bad as I thought it would be occasional thoughts of what ifs entered the mind. I also went through the scenario of Harry's funeral calmly in my head thinking he was so happy to go down to theatre and mentally I had left him in a good place! Well may be a little dramatic thinking of funerals, but the surgeon did say he had lost a small percentage if children on the operating table! Anyhow we pottered about and came back to the ward about 3pm. The nurse hit a progress report and the estimate was about 2 hours more. This was a fair estimate, not one of my husband's when doing car maintenance, 2 hours turns into a whole day! So at 5 we were called to see Harry in the recovery room. He was vaguely aware of what was going on. He managed to waive to a nurse leaving for the end if his shift. He wanted to speak to Granny on the phone and incoherently asked her what she was doing! He also managed to ask for more pain relief when the epidural was turned down! We were back on the ward for 7 having got his pain under control. Mr Roly Squires the surgeon did a fantastic job. There were no complications. The tumour came away in one main mass and 5 smaller pieces. He said it went really well and he thinks he has removed 100% of the tumour. We have seen a picture of the tumour and a picture if him opened up and where the tumour was. Both his kidneys should be functioning well and the tumour came easily away from his intestine, so no damage! Truly magnificent! Harry is in a state if comfort. He was briefly awake and asking all about his tubes and even wanted to see a picture if his lump. Harry is such a great kid, we are so proud of him. Truly relieved that this hurdle has been jumped. Now we hope for a speedy recovery for Harry so we can move onto the high dose chemo stage!

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