Saturday, 4 February 2012

Saturday 4.2.12

Well it did really snow!!!!! The forecasters not wrong, however where were the gritters!!!! Hope Paul has got to work ok, he is on nights tonight!!!!! Oh well hopefully not too busy on the billy burgling front as there will be evidence from footprints if the snow stops!
Harry had his bone marrow test yesterday, where they put  2 needles into the base of his back to get a small section of bone marrow to test. The third time this has been completed. He is given gas to put him under and either his mum or dad goes in with him whilst he goes to 'sleep' then we meet him in recovery later! It was mum this time. Then he had a kidney test, which involves dye going into his system and 3 samples being taken, at intervals over 4 hours. They also took his bloods to check. I noticed that Hary had bruises where suction pads had been for monitoring purposes when he had his bone marrow test. He has not bruised before when this has been done, so an indication that his platelets and HB down. Once results were recieved he was on the borderline for his scores, so after much deliberation and i think following concern from us that they would drop by the end of the weekend to very low scores, a bag of platelets was ordered to be transfused! Harry's had a few of these now! So Having arrived for just after 8am, a little late due it being -7 and having to defrost car twice we got home at 7pm, so a long day.
We thought the community team would test Harry's bloods again on Sunday at home as he was not given a blood transfusion, so his HB scores need observing, however when I rang to find out what time they would come I was told they did not do this service on a weekend and it will be Monday. I must admit this annoyed me, as I thought it was all fixed out yesterday for it to be Sunday. When the nurses came to do Harry's injection they easily added in a blood check on a weekend, however now I am doing the injection, they can make their excuses! Just glad I used my instinct in those early days that by not doing  the injection it got a nurse visiting and advsing us and even on Christmas day!
Harry has been ok today and enjoyed playing out in the snow. Though wrapped him up like a Michellin Man, as he kept his wigglies in, which means he has needles going into his port. These usually come out on discharge, but stayed in as thought would be accessed on Sunday. Therefore, with any rough and tumble these needles can come out!
I am at times though understanding, why some of the families I deal with end up dumping their relative at hospital, as community services are really streteched and there is little support or so it feels a lot at present. We had support in the begining, but lately nobody has time to sit down and explain stuff to us, its all garbles and so mistakes for times of appointments are being made. When in these situations, it doesn't take much to over react to stuff you would normally take in your stride!
I guess the next week will be stressful as a lot rides on these results. Harry was complaining yesterday of joint pain in his legs and your mind begins to wander whether the cancer is still in his bones, or was it just the result of mucles being stretched by walking up the hill from mum and dad's the other day!
We have to stay strong. Though, I have to admit we so want a break away and a change of scenary, if the results are good, we may get this, if not, we will be tied here for a while longer!
On one note though, we visited some friends and their baby on ward 59 yesterday and were thankful to be going back to ward 76 as it is much nicer and smaller and friendlier! Partly due to the charity Candlelighters! Probably also due to the common denominator 'Cancer'.

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