Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sat 25.2.12

Seem to have had a busy week.
Harry was discharged home on Sunday early evening. On monday Sarah and Olivia visited from Huddersfield. It was lovely to see friends. Callum and Harry had a lot of sibling rivalry due to having one parents individual attention whilst Harry was in hospital and having toys solely to them! Though obviously some rivalry is natural!
On Tuesday the boys were playing lovely with their garage so we dropped Callum off late to nursery. Harry is neutropenic so can't go to nursery as too susceptible to infection. He did enjoy saying hello to his friends and teachers in the tennis court briefly. Maybe next week he can go if his levels increase.
Having dropped Callum off we went to Grassington and Kettlewell with Harry for a couple of hours. It was lovely to get out of the house and we love the Yorkshire Dales. We always feel away from it all there. Harry enjoyed the outing, though tires easily and had a good sleep in the car. It was nice to concentrate on Harry and Callum went into nursery lovely do we knew he was happy there.
At the moment it's easier dealing with one child at once, particularly as we are emotionally worn out and lack of sleep from being in hospital with Harry contributes to our fatigue.
So as the week has gone on Harry seemed to dip. He was good meeting family on Wednesday afternoon and was as giddy as the next child. But that night had a very restless night. Thurs am he was very agitated too, usually a sign that his blood scores are dropping, though after a short lay down was on top form when the nurse arrived! As all children are, like when you arrange a doctors appt.!
However, after another restless night I knew Harry's bloods needed checking, so took him to LGI. Sure enough his platelet and Haemaglobin scores had dropped to levels where he needed a transfusion to boost both scores! Therefore we spent the whole day at LGI and arrived home at 8.30 pm.
Hopefully this will boost Harry for the weekend. Though last night he was restless again and probably due to him being neutropenic. His temperature was hovering around 37. Something which, in general children is ok. Harry's usual temperature is 36. Something, so we just hope something isn't brewing. As the goal is to keep Harry out of hospital. Being neutropenic means he is at high risk of getting an infection. Hence mainly being antisocial this week!
So when the time table is one week in hospital and 2 weeks at home, due to Harry's treatment and impact on him, the LGI is never off our agenda for long, though day visits we can cope with! In fact yesterday Harry was asked to pose in a photo for an IKEA promotion, to advertise their support of Candlelighters. To which Harry was agreeable to do, as he was told he could have one of the cuddly toys that IKEA were donating! So look out for Harry with a cheesy grin in the Yorkshire post! Never to miss an opportunity myself i asked the marketing guy for a raffle prize for the charity ball I and friends are organising! All being well we will get one via the Candlelighters organiser!
So yesterday, whilst at LGI, Harry and I also made an industrious team as we labelled some envelopes for Candlelighters ready for their newsletter to go out, though spent some time doing it, but still left an enormous amount of labels left to be attached!
So here we are in Sarurday 25th.
Hopefully we will have a good weekend and have plans to see some friends of Harry's. The sun is shining so fingers crossed no infections please!

Ps charity ball 6th July at The Craiglands hotel in Ilkley.
Yes it is booked! Entertainment will be Elvis - yes for one night only he is making a comeback! Just for us.
We also have a live band called Soft Touch that play a variety of covers old and very new and a DJ. So lots of entertainment.
Tickets will be £35 per person and tickets are currently under construction, so watch this space when ready to purchase!

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