Sunday, 12 February 2012


Well Harry is doing really well. HIs temperture has remained normal, but just continuing with the course of antibiotics as precautionary. So still on 77 in the single room. However, it has a Wii and  Harry has been mastering this, having played SuperMario Kart with his dad  and Wii sports with me this afternoon.  For the tennis game, Harry just jigs about like a madman waving his control and somehow manages to win a few games. He beat me at bowling a couple of times too.
We have been out on the corridors of LGI too. There is something strangely liberating about running up and down the corridors in Harry's 'supersonic aeroplane'! Sadly we did not reach North America as Harry had hoped! Another time!
Harry as I write this is jumping around to his Milkshake Rocks CD. So as you can tell he is very well today and should commence his new chemotherapy treatment plan tomorrow, which should tackle the cancer cells from a different 'angle'.

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