Monday, 14 May 2012

Monday 13 th May

Well, hello again. Another busy week has passed. Harry has remained on excellant form. I don't know where he gets his energy from! His scar from his op is healing well, his appetite is improving, his hair is even beginning to grow back and he has eyelashes and faint eyebrows! However, these will fall out again with the high dose chemo in the forthcoming week.
On Wednesday Paul was working, but my mum and dad and myself, took Harry out for a day to the sealife centre in Scarborough. We decided to just take Harry and put Callum in nursery. Callum would have enjoyed it I know, but living with Callum is like living on a knife edge at his present age of 2 and you never know when the next tantrum is coming and for what reason! So we decided to have a Harry day. Callum will have plenty of outings and individual time over the next few weeks with Harry in hospital.
So, we had our Harry day and he really enjoyed himself. There was even time and the weather held long enough for him to do some rock pooling with Grandad. He was so excited about the day that he did not even fall asleep on the way home as expected! I feel like challenge Anneka at the mo as the clock is ticking till Harry has to go back into hospital for a few weeks and so time is so valuable that we want to use it as wisely as possible and give Harry some good times, before his toxic drugs are pumped into him again and made to feel poorly to heights apparently we haven't yet witnessed!
So we have met up with local friends and Harry has enjoyed playing with them and at home with his bother and of course fighting with Callum, that would not be natural not to do so!
At the weekend Paul managed to book Sat and Sun off work, so we could enjoy the time as a family. We went to Paul's parents and stayed the night. The boys saw their little friend Olivia, enjoyed seeing the chickens, playing on the outdoor cars that Grandad cannot resist buying, including a go cart. So both boys loved it! On Sunday we went to Kirklees Light Railway. The boys enjoyed the playgrounds, bouncy castle and the train ride, so a successful trip.
Today we have been to visit Harry and Callum's friend Isabella, whom both declare their love for, I can see the love rivalry thing already. We baked chocolate buns this morning and both were deciding which one they would give her!!!! Oh and Cara, Callum baked one for Isabella's sister too. When Sofia is a ittle older, I am sure she will capture their hearts too, as she has the hereditary melting chocolate brown eyes too!
Then we went to the park this afternoon, so Harry and Callum could see some other friends and the mummies could natter!
Harry even went to nursery for a few hours last Friday, maybe he will go tomorrow too. I have so much to do around the house, I need some catch up time.
So, we approach Wednesday with some trepidation and I have to say, I get quite emotional at times thinking about this admission to hospital. For one, Harry has bounced back again from very invasive treatment. An 8 hour operation is not to be sniffed at. To see him lively again is pure joy to watch, however, yet again we have to subject him to the ongoing treatment plan. As said, he knows he needs more treatment and although he does not know what 6 weeks is really like timewise, he said in the bath tonight that 6 weeks is quite a long time.
Somehow, Harry has latched onto his impending birthday - September, not sure why, probably from some conversation recently with friends about who was the oldest and whose birthday is next. Anyway Callum was singing Happy birthday at bedtime to Harry and so I said it's daddy's bithday next, his 40th. Harry said he wanted to be 40, at which I quickly said that you don't, as he had too many adventures to be had between now and being 40. Harry wants to go to North and South America as well as Spain, so I said he needs all the years to be able to go to all these places. Then we talked about little adventures being fun too, such as going to Scarborough last week. I also said that this stay in hospital would be an adventure too. For one, my plan is to get Dave the animation chap, paid for by Candlelighters to do a short clip of Harry to be shown at the ball. This needs to be done before next week if possible, to get Harry on camera being well. He is keen to be on TV since he was apparently filmed for a documentary to be shown on channel 4. My parents were with him  at the time, however I have no idea what the programme is and I keep telling Harry that hours of film is shot for a short program and much never reaches TV for the final program. Therefore if we can shoot a short film of Harry, then he will definately appear on a big screen!
So Harry has to commence some drugs at home tomorrow to counteract the impending toxic chemo drugs. One is to prevent him from having seizures that the chemo drugs can cause. The chemotherapy drugs to be pumped into Harry are as dangerous as the recent operation he has had. There are risks  that permanent damage to Harry's body can be caused and even the possibility that they can kill him. However, just like the operation, we have no choice and even though Harry is on top form for now, this would not last and only by having furher treatment do we get the possibility that the good times can last for years to come.

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