Monday, 7 April 2014

Harry's book!

The above link gives details how to pay for a copy of Harry's book, called 'Runaway Joey!'

It is priced at £5 per copy.

It was written and created by Harry and his Playworker Janey. The words and the story are Harry's, but Janey has helped him with the English, Grammer and spelling. 

The money is going towards Nuzzlet's farm, which takes animals into Martin House, for the children to love and hold. The farm is expanding and since it is a small charity and one Harry holds dear to his heart, we have chosen it to have the proceeds from this lovely book.

The link above gives more information.

If you want a copy, please pay via the link, giving your name and if you want it posting, please email me your address on

If there are a lot of orders, we will probably have to go for a reprint!

Postage is 60p for 1 book and £1.20 for 2 or 3 books! Please add the postage when paying through the link! 

Harry is still with us and hanging on.
He is incredibly frail and his speech is slurred and hard to comprehend due to the drugs. However, he despite his body failing him, his brain is still ticking and yesterday afternoon he still wanted to finish making his army barracks. He directed the nurse with him to add the moss that was drying out!

Harry reminds me of the knight from the film 'Monty Python and The Holly Grail'  the one that had his arms and legs cut off, but was still determined to fight and not give up!

We are trying to tell him that its ok to go and move to another place where he will have no pain, a place where he can fly and be free. However, he is clearly not quite ready to leave this world. 

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  1. What an icredible little boy Harry is. He is so brave and his courage has touched so many lives during his journey through this horrible disease. He will remain in the hearts and minds of so many people who have been part of his incredibly difficult journey. My love and prayers are especially with Harry and also with you, Paul and especially Callum at this difficult time. God bless. All my love Margaret xxxxxxxxxxxxxx