Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Ian's London-Edinburgh-London bike ride update


Please see the link above!

Ian completed  this epic bike ride in just short of 4 1/2 days! 
He didn't get much sleep aiming to get the miles under his belt as quickly as possible. He cycled through torrential rain, up steep hills, sometimes in the dark, sometimes in the sunshine, sometimes with utter extreme fatigue! He made the journey on his steel framed bike and not his racing bike due to the week prior to the event being knocked down by a 4x4 car and wrecking his bike. 
The steel framed bike was not quite as comfortable and this resulted in Ian gaining grade 2 pressure sores on his bottom! 

Well done Ian. Thank you!
The page is still open if anyone wants to donate.
A picture of Ian with his hair at its best! 

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