Friday, 16 August 2013

16 th August

Harry awoke Wednesday morning in a good mood, smiles and minimal pain! We went to bed on Tuesday unsure if we would see him smile again and really thought that we had got to the point of just keeping Harry comfortable. 
Harry has other ideas and has far too many arts and crafts ideas to be medicated to the extent he just sleeps! We had a quiet day at home and Harry made lots of things and enjoyed our new delivery of craft materials from Crafty Crocodile! I was very excited too! Rainbow Pom poms, coloured paper doilies, badges for Harry to make, gummed paper and not forgetting glitter glue amongst other things!
Harry even rode his bicycle at the end of our road. Harry is such a determined boy, a fighter and an inspiration to never give up.
We as parents are finding this emotional roller coaster exhausting. We gave it our all last week on holiday to try and create the best fun and memories and we are feeling a loss of energy this week on top of seeing Harry poorly and in pain. To see Harry smile is a big boost though!
Yesterday we even made it to Harlow Carr for the afternoon. We took the buggy we have, but in between sitting in it, Harry had bursts of energy and was able to run around the new play area there. A wooden, monster playhouse, with a slide coming out of its mouth!
Harry's not the boy we had last week, whereby his medication was vastly reduced, but he's so much better than the boy we had laid in pain and intermittently vomiting on Tuesday. 
Harry's 6 th birthday is on 12 th September. Last year he was in hospital for his birthday, attached to 5 machines, that intermittently beeped 24/7. This year I leap from thinking he's either not going to be here, or medicated to the extent he's in a coma, to planning a celebration for him.
I am going to plan something, small scale and something that can easily be cancelled without financial loss or much reorganising for another day. 
Today is Oliver Field's final farewell/celebration of his short, but beautiful life. He was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer stage 3, age 8 months. He had 4 months in remission without treatment, then in January his parents heard those horrific words: relapse. Oliver had stage 3 cancer, meaning the cancer was never in his bones or bone marrow, but he had a tumour in his abdomen. Since Oliver had the MYCN gene amplification that leads to a poor prognosis, he had the same treatment plan as Harry. In January, it was evident from re scans that his tumour had returned in his abdomen. He has had various treatments since January to try and shrink the tumour again, so it could be removed, unfortunately this type of cancer is so aggressive and with the gene amplification the cancer continued to grow under some of the treatment. 
Oliver, battled with the continued support and love of his parents and older brother Sam, but very sadly lost his battle last week. Oliver is being laid to rest today and we will be attending his final farewell. 
Our thoughts are with the Field family. Oliver, you are pain free now. I hope you are having the best fun dancing in the sky and you have been united with all those other Angels, whom have had their lives cut short. Oliver - forever age 2! 

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