Wednesday, 18 September 2013

19 th sept

Harry had a fabulous birthday. He opened presents from us in the morning, then went to school and got to open more presents on his return home, followed by a birthday tea! He has some wonderful presents and cards - thank you everyone!
He loved his cake made by Becky Lister - a racing car. I made the cake for his diggerland party - a big chocolate affair, but was pleased not to make the cake for his birthday too! Thank you Becky!
On Friday Harry went to cycling club for the first time, he was unsure about going as it was drizzling and wasn't in the best mood, but having decided to go he loved it so very much and can't wait for cycling club this Friday! He managed to get a rider of the week certificate too for careful listening,  following instructions and good turns!
Overall Harry has had a good week. His patches are being changed every 48 hours. I'm still sat on the fence with regards if this is the right thing to do. It's to try and keep an even amount of fentanyl continually being infused into Harry. However, we have had quite a few days where Harry has slept till lunchtime. Irritability still remains an issue too. We will continue for another week and see. Harry got into school for 10.15 today, the earliest in a week! It has generally been lunchtime. However, he is going and enjoying school.
Harry has had intermittent pain in his leg, which makes our stomachs turn and we are on our guard. Nothing to prevent him doing anything for very long, but nonetheless any tweaks make us nervous!
Callum seems to have really grown up recently, in height and his abilities! He is fab on his bike with stabilisers now, we now need to aim to take them off. He loves colouring and will sit and do this, particularly at bedtime! He sneaks into Harry's room when he is asleep and takes his pens! He even had scissors and glue the other night and cut some pages out of his peppa pig annual and glued them onto another page. He was so quiet I thought he was fast asleep! 
He woke up about 6 am this morning  and was singing and talking to himself in his bedroom for a while before coming into our bedroom disguised as The Gruffalo! Then he transforms later into a fireman ready to save the world at nursery! What it is to be 3, nearly 4! Since Harry's birthday he is counting down the days till his! 

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