Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Well last week was a very emotional week for us. We had to come to terms with the fact that Harry has commenced morphine. Initially the morphine made Harry lethargic, irritable, itchy, gave him constipation and he found it hard to wee. All these side effects means more medicine. I am becoming a cynic as I really do wonder if drug companies don't work hard to refine drugs and prevent the side effects as the more drugs someone has, means more money to them.
It was half term last week, so we had plans! We kept Harry topped up with oral morphine and ploughed on.
The morphine helped Harry still walk, which meant we got to Diggerland! We had a fabulous time there. Definately recommend this place and once a child reaches 110 cm they can drive/operate everything, from JCB robots to diggers of varying sizes! There are cars too that the children can drive. Callum loved this, he is just over 1m. There are rides too. Spin Dizzy was a favourite! All rides are made out of diggers, so it really is a digger fest! The park is quite small compared to other theme parks, which means there is not huge ground to be covered and its easy to go backwards and forwards between the rides. There were no queues either, which is rare to find in half term. Picnics could also be consumed indoors next to the indoor play area, so huge amounts of money does not have to be spent on overpriced food the kids probable won't eat much of, just to sit inside! So a big hit with us! We will be back.
The day we went to Diggerland was also our 10 th wedding anniversary! I had anticipated Paul and I going away for a romantic night or 2, but with a child who has relapsed and has just commenced morphine, leaving him is not an option at present. One day we will have a celebration to make up for the birthdays and anniversaries we have had whilst Harry has been in hospital or poorly. However, to see smiles at Diggerland was lovely and heartwarming, when we are in unknown territory and the day Harry commenced morphine, I truly thought our days of fun were over!
Last Friday, Harry commenced fentanyl patches. These release morphine at a steady and even rate and get changed every 3 days. Side effects are less too. Though Harry remains on lactulose and an antihistamine to prevent side effects. Since the fentanyl patches has worked into Harry's body he has had much better mobility.
The fun hasn't stopped as feared and we managed to visit Paul's friends' whom have a caravan by a lake and have jet skis! Harry went on with his dad and loved it. Callum went on an inflatable crocodile behind a jet ski, which he loved too, he was temporarily stunned when we fell in the cold water, but Callum has such spirit, he got back on and enjoyed the rest of the ride! Though, he didn't want to go back on again and preferred playing pirates at the waters edge for the rest of the afternoon! Dad also loved the jet ski and I had a short go too!
With the knowledge that Harry has commenced morphine, not knowing how long we have left with harry and a forecast of sunshine, we decided to flit again, this time to the seaside at Filey!
The right decision as we have managed to get on the beach and been rockpooling, which the boys always love! Friends have visited too as have my parents and Paul's parents have brought their caravan here for a few days too! On Monday we all went to for a walk on Filey Brigg, a very scenic landscape, that was showcased by a blue cloudless sky! Harry managed to walk too! We even saw a seal in the water!
Our rollercoaster of a life continues, with such peaks and troughs, its very tough at times. Last week I thought Martin house hospice would be a destination needed sooner rather than later, this week I am more positive as Harry still has quality of life and his pain is under control, which is the main thing. Harry lost his sparkle last week, he looked pale and unwell, but this week he has colour in his cheeks and mischievously, sparkly eyes!
The seaside really is a therapeutic place!

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