Thursday, 14 March 2013

14.3.13 parents evening for Harry!

Just thought I'd add how well Harry is doing at school, I met with his teacher today and she can see such a massive difference to the boy that started school in sept for only a few hours a day. Harry got very tired easily then and tearful. He hated outdoor playtimes as he had not been used to outdoor play much over the preceding months.
However, he is is different boy to the one then, he is the Harry we used to know, socialble, gregarious, fun and determined. He is doing well in all areas of school and is on track with his learning.
Having missed a year of pre school prior to starting school, we have worked hard to ensure he hasn't been left behind. I am sure being a September baby has been a positive for him, as he is one of the eldest in the class. I also think the work Esscroft nursery did with him, particularly in the term before he was 4, meant he had already mastered the basics and we have built on that.
I also think that we have tried very hard to keep Harry socialising with others, mindful of his poor immune system and ensuring he mixed only with healthy children! Wherever possible we have kept normal life going and it is this which I believe has really helped Harry settle into school, adjust and make the progress that he has!

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