Saturday, 29 December 2012

Sat 29 th dec

Well a while since my last blog! We have been busy, busy, busy! Paul was on his driving course, which he passed! A massive Yipppee! It was not easy for either if us. Paul had weather of all kinds to contend with, I had to deal mon - fri with the kids alone, since Paul stayed with his parents in the week as a much closer proximity to the course location. The boys were so hyped up with Christmas that this was a time when all my inner calm was needed to not explode at times! Though in all honesty at times the inner calm was just not enough to not explode at 2 giddy kippers intent on running riot at times!
I will write more over the next few days as I go into LGI again with Harry on yes, New Year's Eve for round 4 of immunotherapy!
Harry is amazingly well at the moment and has been able to enjoy all the festivities of Christmas! He was bursting with excitement! A joy to see!
He has had his first haircut since sept 2011, a huge milestone. He was also Joseph in the church nativity! A beautiful service involving all the children, well those that wanted to participate, of which Callum didn't! The service ended with the children waving flags on stage at the front of the church and no they didn't sword fight with them either!
I'll post you some photos taken over the last couple if weeks!

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