Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday 7 th sept.

Harry still has a high temperature. 40.3 degrees C to be precise. He still has an infection in his line according to recent blood cultures, therefore he will commence tonight on a new antibiotic to help combat this.
He has also started on a lactulose free diet to try and enable his gut to repair itself, as dairy products can irritate it. Hopefully this will only be for a few weeks. I am officially that mum with the kid that can't eat this that and the other!

Harry had very much hoped to complete a 3 km superhero walk in Leeds in aid of Candlelighters and CCLG (cancer care and leukaemia group). He's seen the posters in clinic for the past few weeks and asked to do it. Alas though, he can't leave his room let alone go out  into Leeds!

However, Callum and friends James, Finlay and Rosie will be completing the walk this Sunday, with parents in tow!

We have a virginmoney giving page set up for all of them. Many people gave generously to Kate for her swim and the ball, so don't expect people to give again, but if anybody wanted to give a couple of pounds so the kids feel they have raised something, then great!

Below is a link!

Thank you!

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